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Gary Numan

"My first Making Music campaign has been very successful. The MM team are extremely helpful and work alongside the artist to help create the campaign you need. Fans have easy access to updates and can access a wide range of items.

It was all surprisingly trouble free."

Artist Feedback: About Us
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"Without doubt, Townsend are the best D2C artist platform in the business. Driven to both cultivate sales and grow fan bases, whilst appreciating the delicacy and importance of a loyal and long term artist following. We’re thrilled to be working with Townsend on James’s first live package exclusively for D2C release. It seemed the ideal time with further touring cancelled off the back of their 2018 “Living in Extraordinary Times” album to “relive” some of their best live performances under this now increasingly apt title! Bruce and Ben have actively helped shape and source the product from its inception and we intend to incorporate the new Townsend digital team & Making Music platform to market it into Christmas."

—Pro Music Management

Artist Feedback: About Us

Shed Seven

"With all live music pretty much on hold apart from a few brave souls playing in car parks it feels like a great time for a live album. We haven’t done one in a long time and feel we’re probably the best we’ve ever been as a live band. It’s good to capture that on record. We’ve been heavily involved in all aspects of this release and it’s turned out great. Chris Sheldon has done a top job on the mixes and Townsend have been great to work with on this, making it about as stress free as releasing an album can be! We can’t wait for people to hear it."

—Rick Witter, Shed Seven

Artist Feedback: About Us


"Townsend have impressed us on the BLOXX debut album campaign with their innovative ideas around lockdown restrictions and using these to our advantage to incentivise fans to visit the bands webstore. We recently hosted exclusive acoustic performances on the band's store, which proved effective in increasing visitation and therefore generating new sales. Most recently we ran a lockdown gig download which was a creative and fun way to get a live performance to the bands fans that they can keep. Both these strategies have been really effective in boosting merch sales and pre-orders around the bands debut album release." 

- SB Management

Artist Feedback: About Us
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