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Campaign Advice

There is no requirement for artists to have a current pre-sell campaign in action

In fact, artists can utilise the platform to help fund upcoming projects – anything from the recording of a new album or the mastering of a live LP, to a new range of merchandise or a deluxe physical offering.


Retail Strategy

Products featured across the web

Being a part of the Townsend Music platform allows for artist products to be listed and featured on Spotify, YouTube, Discogs, Amazon and our popular music e-commerce site

Our e-commerce store features our official artist releases as well as general stocks, allowing us to drive traffic to the store for a large variety of releases.

This allows artists to benefit from each other’s traffic with customers spending £50 per transaction, on average.

The store is also integrated with Instagram and Facebook Shopping, meaning our growing social media audience can access artist products with ease.

We also drive traffic to the store from our sizeable opted-in email database, with average 24.09% open rate, showcasing to them the latest releases on a bi-weekly basis.

Partnership: Services
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