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Extended Campaign


Continually Generate Income

Making Music enables artists to continually generate income

Whilst interacting with current fans and engaging new ones with special products, exclusive content and ongoing insight into their creative process.

As opposed to only uploading content on social media platforms, artists using Making Music can connect with their audiences directly from their online store. By using our platform and product options, artists can then generate income with a variety of offerings and give their fans deeper experiences and better value for their money.


Album Pre-Orders

A Making Music Campaign is the perfect way to boost fan engagement

Whilst gathering chart eligible pre-orders. Whether that be during the making of a new album,live performance recordings or using blog and video updates to continuously engage with their audience.

Perfect as part of a traditional album launch, a Making Music Campaign can kick-off at conception and continue through pre-production and recording, all the way to release before extending into the album’s touring cycle. All whilst offering exclusive products along the way.

Making Music Campaigns are fully adaptable so amends can be made to release schedules as required, whilst keeping fans in the loop.

Extended Campaign: Services
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