Promote Yourself To Fans Directly

A toolset that enables artists to involve fans with their music, connecting with them at any time from anywhere.


Interact with your fans

Talk to fans, fans talk to each other, all in one place.

Engage new ones

Bring new fans to your site with exclusive content.

Generate reliable income

Offer fans products as part of an extended pre-order campaign.


My first Making Music campaign has been very successful. The MM team are extremely helpful and work alongside the artist to help create the campaign you need. Fans have easy access to updates and can access a wide range of items.

Gary Numan

Unique Offering

Exclusive Content
VIP Experiences
Bespoke Products

Extended Campaign

Album Pre-Orders 
Continually Generate Income
Connect With Audiences


Campaign Advice
Retail Strategy


Artists Making Music

Join artists making the most of their platform by funding their campaigns and making music.

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